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RT-QuIC rPrP Substrate Now Available from VMRD
For Research Purposes Only

RT-QuIC is an effective, easy and extremely sensitive method to detect chronic wasting disease.  CWD Evolution is at the forefront of developing RT-QuIC technologies and our partnership with VMRD allows for a quality controlled and validated product. 

If your laboratory is ready to start RT-QuIC testing contact VMRD to learn more.  

Buffers are all available for purchase and detailed protocols are provided. All you need are samples to test and a BMG Fluostar plate reader. 

Pricing starts at only $4 per reaction. 

No one offers a better source of RT-QuIC substrate than VMRD

CWD(+) kinetic data.jpg
LN data.jpg

Consistent and reproducible RT-QuIC data starts with a properly prepared and QC'ed substrate. 

Above: Syrian hamster rPrP (90-231) substrate is used to amplify CWD prions in RT-QuIC

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